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Bubblejax Ltd is a location catering company started by Jack Yiakoumi


"I have been a location caterer for 20 years and I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by wonderful food all my life."


Jack's parents who are Greek Cypriot ran a cafe restaurant, and a licensed steakhouse in Fulham for 30 years. He helped them with various roles from washer upper, waiter to cook and anything else that was required until they sold their business.


He then ventured into the world of health and fitness at “David Lloyd Centre” (Raynes Park) in addition to the A la Carte service, he catered for many weddings, functions and banquets that took place there. On his days off he attended cookery school and achieved a 706/1 and food hygiene.


After this he spent many years working for ‘Woodhall Location Catering’ primarily on the “The Bill”, as well as films, pop promos etc, he then met Duncan Manning, a well established location caterer. He worked for Duncan for many years sometimes running shoots on his behalf for countless commercials and many films, such as “Life And Death Of Peter Sellers, Band Of Brothers, Inkheart, Closer, The Other Boleyn Girl, Mrs Henderson Presents, Stardust, How to Lose Friends & Alienate People, The Boat That Rocks”. When Duncan retired he continued to work on many other productions i.e 'The Infidel'  and 'Cemetary Junction' to name a few.


He continued to work with other caterers, and any other work he could get his hands on as he had been inspired to start his own company so that he could bring good quality food for your production, clients and crew.

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